29 hot tips for going into an interview

  1. Always take a copy of the advert to the interview
  2. Always enlarge the size of the advert (A4 size)
  3. Try to use the words in the advert in your application letter
  4. Never believe what you read in an advert – interpret it
  5. Always massage the ego of your potential employer – start with the advert, .g., “it was a great advert and was really clear what sort of person you wanted to interview”
  6. Always be different with your CV – present a sense of knowing through the mail e.g., “I feel like we have met before”
  7. Remember, your application letter is like your handshake
  8. The distorted picture – you NEED to be seen in the best possible light, see yourself in the best possible light
  9. Research! It makes you look better, no research = idiot
  10. Always make enquiries about the business; find out if you know anyone who works there and the name of the interviewer, if possible
  11. Do not be scared to be different
  12. Your personality is your future
  13. Always use a live/current example
  14. Generate a reaction (drop names if you can)
  15. Focus at the interview, help the employer stay on track
  16. Prepare questions – a minimum of six to ask the interviewer
  17. Look the part or you will not get the part
  18. I am of equal value – always remember this
  19. Never deliver your CV without an envelope
  20. Always number CV pages so you can refer to reach page
  21. Never leave your hot tips at home if you are going to an interview
  22. Never ask a question that has a strong self interest perspective e.g., what is in it for me?
  23. Get an independent person to read your letter of application. Check out the fit
  24. Practise your interview skills
  25. Enthusiasm – yours will help to increase theirs for you
  26. Enthusiasm – potential fit, great attitude – will do approach; personal integrity will say a lot to Employers
  27. Learn how to become a bankable potential employee (Heart and Soul instead of Hands and head) – this is where the difference is
  28. First up, do not bite off more than you can possible chew – small safe steps
  29. Believe in yourself; believing in your own ability – help the employer to believe in your marketing!

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