20 key questions to ask in an interview

  1. What aspects of this job would you like to see performed better?
  2. Company’s short and long term objectives
  3. If I have a problem whom do I go see?
  4. Key challenges in this position?
  5. Dresscode?
  6. Company in three years?
  7. Company car restrictions?
  8. Job description?
  9. Social club (active)?
  10. How many people will I work with?
  11. Ideal candidate (describe)?
  12. Set volume of work quality standards meet?
  13. Group environment?
  14. Average day (describe)?
  15. Is there a trial period, if so how long
  16. Promotional aspects?
  17. Why position vacant?
  18. Training?
  19. Company policies (rules)?
  20. What are the key performance indications for this position?

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