10 ways to make sure your small business runs smoothly

Will your business run easily and well while you recover froma serious accident or enjoying a nice long holiday?

Will your customers be served while you are gone?  If you’ve jus texperienced heart failure over this prospect, the following list is for you.  The information below, if pur into practise, will reduce your stress, increase your business’ productivity, and give you the cavation you so richly deserve.  Here’s the top 10 things you can do to make your business run as smoothly as possible.

1. Hire wisely
Look for the three I’s when you hire: intelligence, initiative and integrity

2. Build a team, not your ego
Many employers let their egos dominate thei rinteractions with their employees.  Stop the pattern.  Instead, trust your employees to do their jobs.

3. Reward well
When you get good employees, reward them financially and emotionally.

4. Be hands on
Know each employees job and how to do it… If you show an employee that you are willing to learn or have learned his/her job, you are communicating that you believe their work has value.

5. Make your employees versatile
In a small company, every employee should know how to do at least two jobs.

6. Give away tasks, but not ultimate leadership
Find your best talent and then delegate all other tasks to your employees.

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate
You must talk with your employees, solicit their suggestions, and positively correct their mistakes.  Conversely, you must create an atmosphere where employees are willing and able to talk with you.

8. Give your best and always encourage the same in your employees
Pride in the company and its product or service always begins at the top

9. Encourage innovation and creation
Give your employees a stake in the future

10. Have a second in command
No general goes into battle without a major who can take over if he is felled by a bullet

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