10 ways to improve your interviewing skills

Skills as an interviewer depends on two factors:

  • an ability to ask the right questions in the right words; and
  • a talent for listening and understanding what is said

Although many managers do not realise it, an interviewer is in the spotlight much more than the person being interviewed… yet strangely, too many managers and supervisors are amateur interviewers, and they make little effort to improve themselves.

Here is 10 ways you can improve your interviewing skills:

  1. Do your homework
  2. Put the interviewee at ease
  3. Remain focused on your objective
  4. Keep the initiative
  5. Ask the right questions
  6. Keep the interviewee talking
  7. Be aware of legal issues
  8. Take notes
  9. Analyse and act on your information
  10. Remember also,
  • ensure the interview session is free from interruption
  • keep the interview going at an apparently unhurried pace.  Don’t keep looking at your watch – you will make the interviewee feel unwanted or upset, on the edge of the chair ready for a hasty departure
  • watch as well as listen
  • don’t let your feelings interfere with your judgement
  • don’t waste time repeating what is already known
  • don’t criticise or indicate disapproval
  • at the finish, invite questions about any issues not covered during the session and explain what the next step will be
  • always end on a  positive, friendly note

[From AIM Victoria & Tasmania – Frontline Management]

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