About us – Kerran

kerranKerran Larson
(Dip. Ft Mgt, BAppMgt, AFNZIM, ASMEA, Accredited SME consultant)
My role as an advisor / facilitator is generally to help people to help themselves over the long term.  I do this by focusing on directly assisting people to explore and challenge their own thinking process.  Then to identify and analyse their own needs first and to reflect on the consequences of their decisions / actions that have occurred.   I try to accurately record the results so they can then be compared with what has happened with original expectations / plans (what is not recorded can not be managed).  We then develop a plan for future success.

The client equation looks something like this: (this is where I fit in)
What the clients needs to be able to do minus what they can already do.  This equates to the GAP process and I provide the following: instructions/advice/training/support/resources/strategic thinking process etc.

However, my role is not one of constantly giving advice to clients and providing bankable solutions without first challenging their current thinking process.  Otherwise there would be no change and their standard thinking / learning cycle will simply continue with the same routines / habits making the same mistakes over and over again.

Why I work the way I do:

  1. Because I have an inquisitive nature, really enjoy working with people and have an understanding of the psychological traits that motivate people
  2. I have a good working appreciation of the dynamics involved with most people who really work through each day trying to live life, to learn, to love and eventually leave some form of legacy
  3. I have an active imagination and often see (mental three dimension) pictures, possibilities, ideas, and solutions in just about everything I interact with and sometimes wonder why
  4. I have an uncanny knack of sensing peoples concerns / needs / values and able to relate / respond to them in a positive, non-threatening manner which often restores their own personal confidence.  If the circumstances are appropriate, I will use relative experience (mine or someone else’s) in a self reflecting way to indicate or demonstrate an alternative thinking process
  5. I have a real interest in appreciating intellectual capital and how this proven resource adds real value to any activity / business.  E.g., intellectual capital is the sum of everything everybody knows in a business that can give it a competitive edge (unique selling point)
  6. Challenging peoples thinking, helping them to break the decisions of the assumption cycle and replace it with an evidence / argument process.  “The Choice Process” which requires people to consider alternatives based on update, appropriate, reliable and well researched information.  (Choice process is a point of view that incldues self regard, truth and choice)