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kerranKerran Larson
(Dip. Ft Mgt, BAppMgt, AFNZIM, ASMEA, Accredited SME consultant)
My role as an advisor / facilitator is generally to help people to help themselves over the long term.  I do this by focusing on directly assisting people to explore and challenge their own thinking process.  Then to identify and analyse their own needs first and to reflect on the consequences of their decisions / actions that have occurred.   I try to accurately record the results so they can then be compared with what has happened with original expectations / plans (what is not recorded can not be managed).  We then develop a plan of success.

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Rhonda Bragg (NZDipBus)
Rhonda has worked for Larson & Associates for the past 14 years and is a shareholder and is the Office Manager.

Rhonda is highly regarded by all the clients that she assists on a daily basis because of her very wide range of skills and expertise which enable her to provide a highly effective and efficient service.

Rhonda’s charm and calmness is appreciated by all clients, especially when their business is being affected by adversity.